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Penelope Cruz, controls questions,biography,penelope cruz, gasip , photos,

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Penelope Cruz, controls questions

Actress Penelope Cruz dodged questions surrounding her romance with ." Javier Bardem" after nshe was cornered during a recent TV interview.The spanish star has kept quet on the pair's relationship since they were first snapped cudding on abeach last summer - despiteBerdem's no country for Old men co-star Woody Harrelson conirming the couple's romace earlier this year . Late night host David latterman attemted to gt the actress talking about bardem;s similarity to the charecters he plays on film .in his show But the volver star refused to acknowledge her romantic involvemmentwith the actor shopping ,"that's very hard to answer because idon't even ask myself when iam preparing a charecter.

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