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Who is Cruse's inspiration?, Tom Cruise Photos, Pictures, News

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Who is Cruse's inspiration?
One Cruise says Ben Stiller is his inspiration. Tom, who has a cameo as a fat balding studio executive in Ben's new comedy Tropic Thunder, loved working with the comic star and has praised his achivement
in Holliwood. He said ,'One can't fully appreciate
what Ben has accomplished in acting, writing directing , producing and starring in a film like Tophic Thunder withought racognising that any single one of these functions alone is a full- time job ." Tom , who worked with Ben on 2000 mockumentary Mission : Improbable , has also revealed he didn't hesitate at the chance to taem up with him again after Ben described the movie as his
"dream project ." the 46-year old top gun star added to amen's magazine ," make a long story short, I read it ,Loved it , and we started working on it ,"Meanwhile Ben has praisedTom's comic timing in Trophic Thunder and insists he was prepared to do anything to raise a laugh . Ben said ,"He said , 'I want really big hands playing this guy .'I said ,'Realy?big hands?He had these hands made ,and then i said , 'well, It'd be really cool if you were bald too.' Then we did this
make -up test where he got bald . Then he said ,'It'd be interesting if this guy danced .'
He started dancing .Iwas loving it. Iasked him if he'd be up for dancing in the end credirts and he said ,'Yeah,let' do it.'''

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