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Family breast cancer not indicative of risk, breast cancer Photos

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Family breast cancer not indicative of risk

New research suggest that just because awoman has family member with" Breast cancer," it doesnot mean that she should undergo early screening .

According to the report, there are certain factors doctors can look for to determine whather early screening is advisable."Bbreast cancer is very common. Familian clustering is also rather common ," Geerthuida H de Bock , the studies first author , said. "about 25-30% odf breast cncer is family clustered , but (rate) of breast cancer in the family is not very useful in predicting if you will get breast caner."

At present , having a first -degree reltive (mother,sister, or daughter) diagnosed with breast cancer before age 40 is considered to be an indication for starting breast caner screening before age 50 , de Bock and her team note in the jornul BMC cancer .However , this practice is baced on estimates from families with riski genemultations or who are othewise cancer-prone.

To better understand the risk in the general population,the researchers lookea at 1,987 women, all of whom had sistres who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Some of the study participants had breast cancer while others didn't.

The researchers identified four familial factors that were related to developing breast cancer at a younger age: atleast two cases of breast cancer ina first-degree relative; at least two cases of breast cancer in first or second-degree (grandparent, grandchild, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, half-sibling)relatives younngr than50;at least one case of breast canse in a first or second-degree relative younger than 40; or any case of cancer affecting both breasts.

Women who had at least two of these risk factors were roughly eleven times more likely than those with no risk factors to develop breast cancer by age 30. For cancers occurring before age 40 and 50, the presence of two or more factors raised the risks by five-fold and two-fld, respectively.

In younger women, even with two or more of the above factors, the odds of breast cancer by age 30 is just 1 %. By ages' 50 and 70, the risks of breast cancer increased to 13 and 11% respectively.

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