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Obama won the debate, CBS Poll Has Obama As Debate Winner, presidential debate live Videos

posted by Shwetha M R on 2:44 PM |                      >> 0 Comments

The first real Democratic presidential debate in weeks and what do the American people get? Barack Obama can't answer a direct question about pastor Jeremiah Wright and Hillary Clinton can't give a believable answer about sniper fire and Bosnia.

Sure, the questions from ABC's commentators were designed to put the candidates off-balance. Nothing wrong with that. I enjoyed seeing both squirm a bit as they tried to deflect attacks against their credibility.

Yet, at about the 60-minute mark, neither candidate had done much to resolve the policy differences between them. Yes, I know, that's because there truly are few of those differences.

Still, I'm betting the audience was hopeful one of the candidates could clearly explain (rather than just pander) how he or she was going to attack a major problem facing the American people, like health care costs, inflation, the housing crisis, the credit crisis, and so on.

Many Democratic voters have made up their minds by now on either Obama or Clinton. But others haven't.

Wednesday night's debate failed in showing whether one candidate was better than the other in terms of getting things done for the American people.

presidential debate live

CBS Poll Has Obama As Debate Winner

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