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is criss angel dead, Criss Angel Dies Video

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is criss angel dead

Worried fans of Criss Angel are wondering: Did the magician die during his latest stunt? Apparently the ominous ending to the latest episode of his series, Mindfreak, has fans thinking Angel perished in a car crash and have been leaving frantic messages on his MySpace page. The internets are abuzz with rumors that Angel is dead. Some postings:

"criss im in tears. r u dead? plz tell me ur not please."

"i think he acually died! thats how it looked. i really hope not. i hope hes just screwing with us. i believe in him and what he can do,but i dont see any other explaination."

"Criss..You need to have someone let everyone know if your alright!!! I will be devastated if you are dead! :( I love you."

"criss. you gave me a heart attack!!! please...just post a bulliten to tell us you are ok!!! please!!! i am freaking out. please!!!"

"Ok, in my heart I know that you are alright, but you really need to show us that you are alive..."

Common sense would tell us that since the show is taped sometimes months beforehand, Angel is alive and well. But rumors like these, however improbable, must be hard on Angel's mother who he is known to be extremely close to. In fact several of the MySpace postings urge Criss to "Call ur mother."

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