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Global warming boosts hurricanes? explaination pictures , videos

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Global warming boosts hurricanes?

Storm front : A Satellite image shows a full disk western hemisphere view of the Earth . Hurricanes can be seen churning in the Atlantic Ocean.
Global warming is likely to boost the power of the strongest tropical cyclones , a new study says.
An additional 1 degree C in sea temperatures in tropical regions where cyclones breed could lead to a nearly one_third rice in the number of the most powerful storms ,it says. " As the Seas warm, the ocean has more Energy to convert to tropical Cyclone Wind," say authors of the paper , released by London weekly Nature.
Previous research based on observations overe the past 30 years, has already suggested that hurricanes have become more intense as a result of warmer seas. But the observational record for the Atlantic is more detailed and goes back father than for storms in in the Indian ocean , know as cyclones, or those in the Pesific , which are called typhoons.
Seeking to fill in the blanks , a trio of US scentist crunched satellite Data for the period of 1981 -2006 in all of these storms basins . Theytotted up the number of storms and maximum wind speed arttained during each event , and compared this with Sea surface temperature.

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