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Toyota Altis launch in India...., Toyota aims to sell 60,000 cars in India this fiscal year, Toyota Altis Photos, Videos

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Toyota Corolla Altis India launch on Sep 5 2008

Teaser ads for the Corolla Altis have already started appearing in major national newspapers in India. I wonder why - considering that everyone knows the name of the new Corolla now, and a quick search on the Net can lead you to thousands of pictures of the Corolla Altis.

People who can afford a Corolla Altis also, I guess, know how to surf the Net and find out more. Teaser ads - really, for a car that has been available abroad for more than a year!

Anyway, the Altis should help Toyota’s Corolla sales in India recover and probably beat the Honda Civic, which beat the Corolla comprehensively after its launch.

The Toyota Corolla Altis is no Honda Civic - but is definitely a step up, and if you are already considering a Corolla, you are going to love the Altis for sure.

The standard Corolla attributes which made it the best-selling car in the world remain unchanged. On top of that, you now get much better looks, probably better driveability, and more features. Plus a bit more power. We are not sure if it is 137 or 140 bhp - we have seen reports indicating both figures.

Toyota aims to sell 60,000 cars in India this fiscal year

Japanese automaker Toyota has revealed that they are aiming to sell 60,000 units in the current financial year in the Indian market.

The company hopes to generate the boost in sales from its newly launched model Toyota Corolla Altis.

Toyota Corolla Altis is being launched today and is a brand new version of their popular Corolla sedan.

Toyota Kirloskar Motors Managing Director Hiroshi Nakagawa spoke about their goals: “In the last year, we sold 50,000 vehicles in the Indian market. This year, we are expecting this to grow to 60,000 units.”

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