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Saas bahu aur sensex Review, Photos, Pictures, Wallpapers, Songs Videos

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Movie Details
Genre: Comedy
Language: Hindi
Release Status and date: Released on Sep 19, 2008
Saas bahu aur sensex Review

The film “Saas Bahu Aur Sensex” is like any of the Saas Bahu television show having actors Kirron Kher and Farooq Shaikh in lead roles but its advantage is that it finishes in three hours.The film tries to depict how homemakers and ladies going to kitties start spending in share markets and these housewives even watch business channels , read business magazines to excel in the money investment fields.

The film “Saas Bahu Aur Sensex” has a theme that every housewife who is elderly or young, should be financially independent and be prepared to face financial crunches, in case some thing very unpredictable happens like if they are ditched by their husbands in later ages.

The story of the film is about Binita Sen who is divorced and she shifts to a new area in Mumbai. She is in her later ages and has a college going daughter but she has no money to sustain her living style and her daughter starts going to call centre to earn money and Binita tries her hands in stock markets to get some financial support.

Binita is helped by a broker Sethna and her daughter gets helped in her job at a call centre by her neighbor Ritesh Jethmalani who loves his neighboring girl Kirti but Kirti is a girl who runs after money and in case she has nobody to marry ,she will marry Riteish.

The plot is that Binita tells her kitti party friends that she is investing money in stocks and all the ladies of her building start doing the same. After a few twists and turns it is found that if Kirti marries Riteish, it will be beneficial for the investing ladies and this part of the plot is very unreal.

The basic problem in the film is that the incidents appear artificial and even impossible and you don’t have comedy or drama or anything that catches you well or attract you to watch the movie with interest for long. It looks to be one of the weird tales that is shown in most of the Ekta Kapoor’s show.

The two actors Kiron Kher and Farroq Shekh are the attraction of the film but they are not all in the film and the director Shona Urvashi is not confident of what she has been trying to show. The movie may not get a good response because it is an illusory movie.

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