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iPhone 3G: mostly Kushi , some gham ,definatoion of iphone ,pictures ,

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iPhone 3G: mostly Kushi , some gham

IPhone is a latest Mobile in world. It is finally here -the cellphone they call the ubergizmo. After selling millions of units all over the wrld and re-defining the phoning experience , Apple (with some help from Airtel) has finally brought the iphone to India.
Bittersweet:Better life is better as is call reception .But india doesn't have 3G yet
The more things change ....
The iphone 3G looks very much like its forever ,although a closer look reveals that it is simmer at the corners and a tad wider.Altough its back is made of plastic and not metal as in the of original iphone -a compromise to accomodate the 3G reciver -it looks every bit as sleek and sill has just one button on the front pannel below the screen.
Twice as fast , half the price ?ER....
Apple had marketed the iphone 3G with the tagline " Twice as fast , half the price reffering to its lower price in europe and theUS and the fact that is supported 3G...

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