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HDFC Bank Online NetBanking, HDFC Bank Customer Service,

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NetBanking is HDFC Bank's Internet Banking service. Providing up-to-the-second account information, NetBanking lets you manage your account from the comfort of your mouse - anytime, anywhere.

Introducing a simpler way to register for NetBanking

Say goodbye to long queues and paper work. Presenting one more reason to register for NetBanking. You can now call the PhoneBanking numbers in your city to register for NetBanking.
For more details on the registration process, please click here.

What can I do using NetBanking?
Our industry leading service provides a host of features at your finger-tips:
  1. View Account Balances & Statements
  2. Transfer Funds between accounts
  3. Create Fixed Deposits Online
  4. Request a Demand Draft
  5. Pay Bills
  6. Order a Cheque Book
  7. Request Stop Payment on a Cheque
  8. And lots more
  9. View our NetBanking Demo to find out more about what you can do online.

    Customer Service : Seems customer service is not briefed about the updates taking place on the system. I’ve been misinformed most of the time by customer service rep. Had to go thru lot of hassle while activating my third party transaction. Since am into call center. I spend my time sleeping in day.. cant afford to miss my 8 hours sleep, hence cant got to a bank. have to do everything over the phone or net. Initially i mailed the email support for 3rd party trasnfer activation (3rd). they replied back stating i can activate it over the IVR or speak with the customer service rep.( I found same info on the site i could register it thru the ivr or phone banker. ) I Searched on IVR, it want to call up customer service, didnt want to add to his AHT and frustration as i know how it is in his shoes. Anyways i cldnt find any option on IVR. i call up customer service. i was informed its not possibel thru ivr nor thru customer service.

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