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The king of indian cricket player Master blaster Sachin Tendular tofigure in the top 200 list .He coughedup Rs 8.8 crore as tax , reinforcing the belief that he earnes way more than other cricketers as the country's top sporting band . placed 81 top 200 list , Sachin is just ahead of industrialist Kumarmangalam Birla . who paid just Rs48. 271 less than the Master blaster.

king Khan is top tax payers among Actor. placed at no. 13 in list , five slot higher than mayawathi , Shahrukh paid rs 34.2 crore as income tax in 2007-2008 .The next actor who is citted among tax paying notables is akshay kumar , who ranks at no 40 in the list .and he paid 13.5 croreattax


Mayawathi is top tax payer among politicians and, infact, figures in the list of top 20tax payers in the country. in 2007-2008 , the Dalitczrina shelled out Rs 26.26 crore as income tax ,according to the I- T departmenent's compilation of the top tax payer list

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You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.


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