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iPhone: high price may act as a spoiler

posted by Shwetha M R on 7:38 AM |                      >> 0 Comments

iPhone: high price may act as a spoiler

Apple sued over glitches

Apple's new iPhone aG drops calls and doesn't download web pages and music at twice the rate ofits predecessor as the company advretises, a consumer said in a Iawsuit. The iPhone 3G, which relies on a new high-speed worldwide standard to downlod data, connects to the network, lessthan 25 percent of the time, according to a complaint filled Aug. 19 infederal cout in Birmingham, Alabama. Plaintiff Jessica Smith seeks class-action, or group, staus on behalf of other consumers.
Are costomers in Idia going to be queuing up from midnight on Thursday tobe the first to buy the Apple iphone when stores open in the morning ? Not likely , if early singles are to be belived .
Bharathi Airtel and Vodophone have priced the 8 GB phone at RS 31,000, while the price tag on the 16 GB model is RS 36,00. this might have put of many potential customers .Who were expecting prices to complete with the US offer of 199 doller or roughly rs 9,000.

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