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Kate's action star status amages her,kate photos, biograph,y

posted by Shwetha M R on 8:45 PM |                      >> 2 Comments

Kate's action star status amages her

Kate Beckinsale is still shocked that critics and film fans have accepted her as an action heroine in film like Underworld and Van Hensing , because she feared she;d be alaughing stock . The sexy Brit admits she only took on the action roles because they scared her and she always likes an 'acting ' challenge . and the actress is still astonished she pulled the action roles of on big screen
She says , "it still amages me tat people actually watching me with agundidn't just burst out launching .I can't even play ping pong , but it turns out iam good with weapons . I've got enourmous hands like a transexual, and that's probably why."

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