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India latest to ban smoking, in public places, smoking danger?

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No smoking in india

Smoking Bans: No More Bidis in India Jaunted

India banned smoking in public places on Thursday, leaving public health officials with a much tougher task: get the nation's estimated 120 million smokers to stub out their cigarettes.

Officials hope an extensive anti-smoking campaign and tighter enforcement will make the ban successful, but the country's health minister, Anubamani Ramadoss, knows getting people to quit won't happen overnight.

As more countries have clamped down on smoking in recent years, Indians have freely puffed away at playgrounds, railway stations, sidewalk cafes and even hospitals. No more, and a violator will get a $5 fine.

For years, anti-smoking laws in this nation of nearly 1.2 billion people have been widely ignored. And tobacco companies have fought the government to keep warnings off boxes.

Cigarette smoking is dangerous. Stop Smoking! You are destined to prosper and be in health. But you cannot live your full years while feeding on nicotine. Nicotine is poison.

Smoking is a problem of society. All major health organizations confirm that smoking is harmful. Nations are making laws against smoking in public places. Everyone is conscious of the fact that smoking is dangerous…
Even in their communications, cigarette producers warn against the danger of their product.
No wonder you are struggling with cigarette. You are aware it is not good for your body. You know you cannot live your full years while smoking.
Nicotine is not good for your health.
It is a poison commonly used to kill insects. It may not kill you. Certainly it is going to cut years off your life. You have many reasons to quit cigarette.

Yet you feel weak before this bad habit. Your bad habit makes you dependent on cigarette and nicotine. You confess your weakness, yet you are in charge. You are totally responsible for what you put into your mouth….and into your body system.

Thursday's ban was the government's second try in four years and came on the birthday of India's independence leader, Mohandas Gandhi, who did not smoke or drink.

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