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The Death,clock Death Meter--The Mortuary picture updates, videos

posted by Shwetha M R on 10:16 PM |                      >> 0 Comments

Welcome to the Mortury
Personal Death Clock
Welcome to the Mortuary, my place to share treats (and hopefully a few tricks) with all of you. Today we have a wonderful selection of treats including a Death Clock Screen Saver and the Personal Death Clock.

Many people like to bookmark their Death Clock. Unfortunately, the small DC window is not really great as a bookmarked page. The Personal Death Clock allows you to create a full sized version of your Death Clock for bookmarking purposes.

Death Clock Screen Saver

The Death Clock Review

This screen saver requires Windows 95or 98. It will not work under Windows 3.1 or on the Mac. If anyone wants to make alternate versions of the screen saver I'll be more then happy to host it here. To download, simply click here. The total file size is 432KB, which will take approximately four to five minutes to download over a 28.8 modem. But, if you have already installed the VB400 runtimes, you can download a slimmer version (52K) here.

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