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Coco Chanel

The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition Date: 2008
Coco Chanel (Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel) , 1883-1971, French fashion designer b. Saumur. She established a millinery shop in Deauville in 1909, founded her first house of couture there in 1913, and opened in Paris in 1914.


Dates : August 19, 1883 - January 10, 1971
Occupation : fashion designer, executive
Known for : Chanel suit, Chanel jacket, bell bottoms, Chanel No. 5

See P. Galante, Mademoiselle Chanel (tr. 1973); C. Baillén, Chanel Solitaire (tr. 1974), E. Charles-Roux, Chanel and Her World (tr. 1981, rev. ed. 2005); A. Madsen, A Woman of Her Own (1990); J. Wallach, Chanel (1998); H. Koda et al., Chanel (2005).

Coco Chanel's designs helped set the fashion tone for the 20th century

First comes Lifetime’s original three-hour movie, “Coco Chanel” (tonight at 8). What some might call a gutsy view of fashion’s most influential talent of the 20th century others will find appalling. The movie stops short of being a fashion faux pas, but the strong, forceful Chanel would never welcome the premise of this biographical movie - that her success was a result of the tragic relationships she had with men.

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